Renewable Energy Storage Rental

Lithium Battery Power Sources

Introducing the first lithium battery generators to enter the rental market. Generators Australia have extensively researched, designed and manufactured the Lithium Battery Solutions range to create the perfect energy solution. Utilising the latest in battery technology, this range features Lithium Iron Batteries LiFeP04 that are renowned for being lighter, having a longer battery life and are more efficient than traditional batteries. This new technology extends the lifespan of the unit and requires little maintenance for units to run at optimum performance, while reducing high diesel costs in mining and construction. As a green renewable alternative to traditional generators, our range of lithium battery generators produce minimal noise pollution and no emissions into the environment. The Lithium Battery Solutions range support various industry applications including construction, agriculture, marine and medicine.

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Solar Generators

Generators Australia is on the cutting edge of renewable energy, partnering with manufacturers to create an exclusive range of solar generators. These solar generators incorporate battery technology to store enough energy to last through the night.

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EV Charging Stations

Generators Australia is a leading supplier of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to Australian and international markets. Generators Australia is capable of supplying any number of built-to-order, bespoke EV charging solutions.

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