Kubota Generator Parts

Kubota engines boast the latest in Japanese technology and are one of the world’s top-class manufacturers of compact diesel engines. Kubota engines power the Generators Australia’s brand of Remote Series generators, with the Kubota engines renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life.

The Remote Series generators for hire and sale are custom built and bring together the best in Japanese technology together with a unique Australian design.  Manufactured with the purpose of creating an innovative and market leading generator, the Remote Series brand of generators powered by the Kubota engine range from 6kVA up to 35kVA.  Kubota-powered generators offer excellent reliability and efficiency, and the generators can be found working across a wide range of applications, including industrial, recreational, trades, farming and events.

Generators Australia’s Remote Series brand of generators for hire and sale offers an exceptional build quality that sets the generators apart from all others on the market.  Backed by the latest in Japanese technology thanks to the Kubota engine, Generators Australia’s generators have proved themselves time and time again on some of Australia’s toughest and most remote worksites.

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