Generators Australia is proud to partner with the world’s best power supply brands: Globe Power, Duetz, Kubota, Cummins, and Volvo, aiming to provide you with the best in market leading technology. Our range is designed around accommodating your specific site, environment, and equipment requirements. We can provide you with environmentally friendly, cost-effective, renewable energy and durable equipment solutions, purposely designed for you.

If you want to know how Generators Australia can help your business, for all your power, lighting, air, security, and renewable energy storage needs, contact us today.

industrial generators


Generators Australia has a large specially designed fleet of custom-built generators, powered by our market leading engine partners. We have the ability to customise and personalise our generator, to best suit your site requirements.


To complement our specially designed fleet of generators we offer market leading control modules, by DSE (Deep Sea Electronics). As one of world’s top manufactures of generator controllers, the DSE brand creates an easy to use, multi-generator load share systems, designed to synchronise up to 32 generators including electronic engines. The controllers are capable of monitoring the generators and indicate operational status and faults, automatically starting or stopping the engine on load demand or fault condition. Generators Australia also offers a CompAp generator controller, which is an easy-to-use gen-set application.


Generators Australia stocks a fleet of Globe Power and Atlas Copco air compressors, allowing us to supply you with the best performing compressed air solution. This large range of air compressors convert power into potential energy stored in pressurized air.


Generators Australia is a proud distributor of Globe Power products, offering you a full range of Diesel and Solar Lighting Towers, Generators, Mobile AC Lithium Batteries, Security Cameras, EWP Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells and Pod Lighting Towers. Globe Power is the leader in innovation and technology, offering a cost-effective, purpose built, environmentally friendly, durable, and smart equipment solution, designed and engineered in Australian.

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