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We are unique among large equipment hire companies by designing and building the majority of our fleet in purpose-built and accredited manufacturing facilities. We believe we have a competitive advantage over our competitors; we can design and adapt our fleet to the particular operating requirements of the countries in which we operate.

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Hire Generators
Hire DC Generators
Hire Load Banks
Hire Fuel Cells
Hire Air Compressors
Hire Welders
Hire Distribution Boards
Hire Extension Leads
Hire Lighting Towers
Hire Rough Terrain Forklifts
Hire Standard Royal Forklifts
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Please note: Specifications are effective from the date of the specification sheet and are subject to variation/change without notice. Weights listed on this site are dry weights only and may vary depending on model series and/or attachments. Machine weight must always be checked against the compliance plate prior to use. Contact us to confirm all important information.

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