250KVA Prime Power Generator Available Now

Generators Australia’s newest model of generator – 250KVA Prime Power Generator – is now available for hire and rental across Australia and the Middle East regions. The Remote Series 250KVA Prime Power Generator is powered by Volvo that features innovative technology that is capable of load share and synchronising with other units.

Quiet Generator Operations for Residential Areas.

This unit is quiet to run, producing 73DB of noise at full load. It also has the highest fuel efficiency in the Generators Australia range, beating competitive engine model efficiency by utilising a minimum of 9 litres per hour at full load. This results in significant fuel savings of over $75,000.00 per year when running the generator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Innovative Technology Featuring External Monitoring and Operating.

Utilising the latest Deepsea Electronic controller 8610 allows full external monitoring and stop start features with connection through the 4G network or Wi-Fi. Designed to handle the most complex grid type generator applications, the 8610 controller is packed with multiple features and benefits that are unrivalled across the generator industry.

The 250KVA Prime Power Generator also utilises ABB adjustable motorised circuit breakers. High quality, accuracy and reliability are key features for ABB circuit-breakers that are safe to use in any climate or condition.

Designed for Harsh Environments

The external cabinet of these units has been designed to withstand the harshest environments with cooling packages available up to 60 degrees celsius. Easy accessibility to the radiator allows for easy maintenance and spark arrestors as standard exhaust package.

The remote external busbar allows for easy mains connection with a 3 way fuel valve for option to couple to external fuel cells. This unit has a 1600 litre bunded fuel tank for 24 hour run time convenience standard built in. The Volvo engine has large air filters and has Racor fuel filters on top of the Volvo fuel filters for added protection. All cables are in conduit and control wiring are placed in IP65 control boxes. The H series alternator we produce in our opinion is the best in the world, therefore we provide extended warranties as we know the reliability we achieve.

Generators Australia have dispatched units of the 250KVA Prime Power Generator to locations across the Australian and Dubai regions, available now for sale and rental. We also have other models of the new Remote series ranging from 150KVA to 1000KVA Powered by Volvo.

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