Generators Australia Powering Fringe World Festival with 10 Generators for Hire

Perth Fringe World Festival is Western Australia’s largest annual festival.  Spanning 31 days of non-stop action, the festival is packed with over 700 events at more than 150 venues dotted around the city of Perth.

An event of this scale requires a huge amount of logistics and help from suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.  The festival organisers have placed trust in the industry experts Generators Australia to supply power generators for hire, providing much-needed back-up power to keep the event humming.

On-site at Perth Fringe World Festival is a range of generators for hire, including a 35kVA generator, several 100kVA generators, 313kVA generators and a 600kVA generator.   Generators Australia has an extensive range of generators for hire and generators for sale, and are the trusted specialists when it comes to the sale and servicing of generators second-hand.

You may have seen the red Generators Australia’s generators around Perth powering worksites, businesses and events.  Generators Australia also offers generator hire and generator sales in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, and even remote mining and construction sites right across Australia.

For your next event requiring a reliable power source, contact Generators Australia today for a quick, no-obligation generator for hire quote on (08) 6258 4195.

Don’t forget Generators Australia can also assist with quality new generator sales and the purchasing of generators second-hand.  Click here to browse Generators Australia’s great range.

Onsite Event Power by Generators Australia
Onsite Event Power by Generators Australia
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