Generators in Action at Dowerin Field Day

Generators Australia were proud to supply power the 2019 Dowerin Field Day.

This 2 day event is the largest agricultural event in Western Australia, where attendees from across the country travel to the town to view the best range of agricultural products and services on offer. This year, the Dowerin Field Day saw more than 24,000 visitors.

It is always a pleasure working with those in the agriculture industry.

4 Essential Tips to Buy the Best Diesel Generator

If you’re looking for a diesel generator for sale in Australia, it can be an overwhelming experience. A diesel generator can be the beating heart of an infrastructure project, construction site, or any other type of outdoor event. Choosing the best diesel generator for sale can be a challenge, and it’s important to understand your needs before you make a final decision. In this article, we have compiled together four essential tips that will help you to buy the best diesel generator that matches your requirements.

4 Essential Tips to Buy the Best Diesel Generator

1. What Type of Diesel Generator do I Need?

This is an important question; selecting the right type of diesel generator will have a dramatic impact on the reliability, performance, and serviceability of the unit. Many people don’t spend enough time on evaluating their needs, and this can lead to technical or maintenance problems later. Making a smarter purchase can provide you with a better diesel generator to meet your current and future needs, and it could affect the residual value.

Take some time to think about the role that your generator is going to play and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Will it be the primary source of power on the worksite?
  • Will it be an emergency back up power supply? (standby)
  • Do you need a generator that’s fixed in place for a long time?
  • Do you need a portable generator?
  • Do you have access to a local dealer that can provide ongoing support?

Answering these questions will help you to narrow your search down to the type of diesel generators you need.

2. What are the Three Types of Diesel Generators

The Portable Diesel Generator

This is a diesel generator that can be used as a primary source of power on your worksite, but it can be easily moved to other sites as needed. This type of generator is typified by a robust build quality,with environmental bunded base to stop any contamination to site if there was a spill from generator coolant,engine oil and diesel and it may have a canopy design to increase the longevity of the unit. The generator brand, size, and fuel efficiency all play a major role in the running costs, so it makes good sense to do your homework. A portable diesel generator has a fixed speed engine spinning the generator (alternator) at 1,500 or 3000 rpm to produce the required power. Easy access to good technical support is essential for a portable generator, and it can significantly increase the useful lifespan of the unit.

The Standby Diesel Generator

This type of generator is needed where there is source of mains power in place, and a backup system is needed for continued operations during a power outage. This unit have a ATS automatic transfer switch that turns the generator on automatically when mains should power is lost. Also, the unit should have a built in trickle battery charger to keep start batteries charged ready to start unit when required. The standby diesel generator is rarely used during a typical year, and its main role is as an insurance policy to reassure clients. That being said, if you’re going to have a standby diesel generator, it’s worth investing in a good quality unit with ready access to a service agent and spare parts.

The Stationary Diesel Generator

When you look for a diesel generator for sale, you may need a unit that’s the primary source of power for a fixed location. This type of generator will stay in one location for the majority of its life, and it often has a cheaper frame and canopy because it isn’t designed to be portable. The major running cost of owning a stationary diesel generator is fuel, and it makes good financial sense to invest in a generator with the best fuel efficiency. It’s also important to have access to high quality servicing and spare parts.

3. What Size Diesel Generator do I need?

When you size your generator, you need to consider the high inrush currents that can occur when you start an electric motor or transformer. This could be six times higher than the load current and a modern high efficiency motor could even double that inrush current. It has become common practice to use motor and transformer start kVA figures as a general yardstick to try and determine the size of generator needed. This approach works, but you can end up with a generator that’s oversized for the motor, and the choice isn’t really related to the needs of the specific application.

Many modern diesel generators have solutions designed to deal with the extra excitation that’s needed in the alternator during start-up; these are auxiliary winding or permanent magnet PMG. These provide the generator with triple the nominal current to counter any inrush peaks for at least ten seconds from a residuary current for excitation. Other advanced systems are available to ensure a safer generation start up and to manage power more effectively. So, it’s not necessary to purchase a larger generator so cope with that initial power surge that you may get when starting up. When you have smarter control over the voltage output, you can achieve better fuel consumption and significantly reduce the maintenance costs.

4. Do I need Load Sharing with my Diesel Generator?

Before you invest in a single larger diesel generator, it’s a good idea to consider a more modular approach. Using a number of smaller generators can make your business more flexible, or you may want to use them in parallel to create a load share power source. This can boost fuel efficiency, some generators can be taken offline during slack periods or to carry out refueling and maintenance. Then during high demand periods, every generator can be brought back online to meet the increased demand for power. Coordinating a system like this would require a network of controllers and some generators cannot be configured together in this way.

There are other benefits to choosing a Load Sharing over a single larger diesel generator. Firstly, the costs and the service interval lengths will be shorter because there is no need to bring the entire power system to a stop when essential maintenance is required. Secondly, the reliability of the equipment is improved because a single generator failure is mitigated by other generators that can have their power output increased to meet the shortfall.

Ultra High Power 500kVA Generators Rolling Out Across Australia

Generators Australia is proud to provide ultra high power 500kVA generators for sale and hire around Australia. Below are some pictures of our 500kVA generators in action on worksites and warehouses around Australia.

Increase Safety on Your Site With Our Solar-Powered Mobile Security Cameras

Generators Australia has developed and manufactured the Solar Mobile Security Camera, an easy solution to the safety and security of any site or project. These units have been designed to be positioned wherever surveillance is required, at a minutes notice, as the units are self powered and are easy to set up to begin monitoring at any location and at any time.

Surveillance at Any Location

Portable security cameras can be used in a range of applications including residential buildings, construction sites, events, rural farms, security crowd control, workplaces and equipment monitoring. These units have been built to meet the specifications of many industries and are suited to work in various environments and locations.

Latest Security Monitoring Technology

Our mobile security camera for rental features high-tech dome cameras that produce a 180 degree view across sites. Utilising 4G and wifi connections allows for remote viewing through the mobile application to ensure that the site can always be monitored.

Solar Powered Security Camera

Be environmentally friendly while providing security to your site with our solar security camera.

Our security towers for rental and sale are fitted with the latest technology in solar energy and power storage, while built tough to be able to withstand the harshest working environments.

There is no operational costs to run the security camera as it produces its own energy from the solar panels located on top of the unit. As a green energy source that produces no emissions, solar powered equipment reduce the carbon footprint and set new environmental standards across projects and sites. Another benefit of solar powered equipment is that they produces no noise to make these units ideal for residential areas.

Easy to Transport

Standing less than 3 metres tall when collapsed, the Generators Australia Portable Security Camera is easy to transport and easy to set up once on site. The base of the security towers feature forklift pockets to easily move units from transport trucks or trailers to site; it also makes the mobile security cameras easy to reposition if needed. The base of the units are 1m x 1m that do not take up too much space when onsite.

Your sites can be secure and monitored in no time with the Generators Australia Mobile Security Camera, available for hire and sale. Call Generators Australia today to find out more on 08 6258 4195.

New Mobile Solar Street Lamps for Hire and Sale

Generators Australia has developed a new lighting tower for hire and sale, the GASL5M Mobile Solar Street Lamp. Producing light for a 20m x 6m working area, our latest street lamp is ideal for civil road works, residential areas and events where light is needed at a moment’s notice.

Small Yet Bright Street Lamp for Rental

The Mobile Solar Street Lamp produces 12,000 lumens of light by the fully solar powered LED lights. Utilising solar technology has made the unit cheap to run and require little maintenance in its lifespan. The lamp stands at 5 meters at working height but can be stowed to 2.8 meters for easy transportation.

The base of the portable street lamp for hire is 1 x 1 meter and weighs 800kg. These units are easy to transport through hiab or forklift with its forklift pockets in the base of the lamp. As the unit is easy to move, there is an anti-theft lift to 5m and security lock out system in place.  

Increase Safety in Metro Areas

The solar technology in the unit means that the lamp can be set up anywhere to light up any dark location. This creates a safer environment for pedestrians or workers on site or at events as multiple street lamps can be set up to light up the entire area, an easy set and forget solution for safety and peace of mind.

Environmentally Sustainable Lighting Tower

Utilising the best in solar technology for its self-charging capabilities, the solar street lights produce no emissions and no noise when in operation, making it ideal for residential locations. It is a green alternative to powering your portable metro lights, as approved by international standards of environmental sustainability with a green tick. The mobile solar street lamp is available for hire and sale from Generators Australia beginning 1st March 2019. Enquire now to find out more, call 08 6258 4195 today.

New Mobile Solar Lithium Ion Battery For Global Rental

Global Power Battery Storage (GPBS) announces the addition of Solar Lithium-Ion Backup Generators to their fleet, now available for global rental and sale.

With models ranging in 60, 80, 100, 250 and 500 KW outputs, there is a bi-energy trailer-mounted solar generator to suit every project.

This new generator provides green and efficient power that is produced by eight 330W solar panels on the unit. The power generated through the solar panels is stored in the latest lithium-ion battery technology, withholding more power for longer compared to other battery storage systems on the market. As a Solar Bi-Energy Generator, there is also a backup diesel engine when assistance is required.

Clean, silent mobile solar generator with lithium-ion battery storage. Available in 60-500 KW.

As a self-charging model, the GPBS Solar Bi-Energy Trailer-Mounted Generator is ideal for mobile applications for operations off the grid in remote areas. This will be the first trailer mounted generator available on the hire market, an easy to use and easy to transport power solution to all locations across the world.

The strict quality control undertaken during the manufacturing process ensures product quality for total reliability in many environments, with the ability to perform in the most extreme climates.

To find out more about the Solar Bi-Energy Trailer-Mounted Generator, call (08) 6258 4195 today.

The Battery Revolution Coming Out of China

A Beijing based company CATL has manufactured and revolutionized battery technology. Developing and manufacturing the First Graphism Battery  called “G-King” an aluminium-ion battery.

Drastically reducing cycle time of charge and discharge, the battery is safe, long lasting  and inexpensive.

The pilot factory CATL plans to build will be a big competitor in the battery manufacturing market. Spending 1.3B factory this company has ambitions to be second in size only to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada.

CATL has a global perspective with a world leading R & D centre. CATLs core industry chain includes;  R & D in world class laboratory’s to test technologies including material with Integrated manufacturing capabilities, CATL I s the whole solution. Constant development and research of new product with leading green technology.

250KVA Prime Power Generator Available Now

Generators Australia’s newest model of generator – 250KVA Prime Power Generator – is now available for hire and rental across Australia and the Middle East regions. The Remote Series 250KVA Prime Power Generator is powered by Volvo that features innovative technology that is capable of load share and synchronising with other units.

Quiet Generator Operations for Residential Areas.

This unit is quiet to run, producing 73DB of noise at full load. It also has the highest fuel efficiency in the Generators Australia range, beating competitive engine model efficiency by utilising a minimum of 9 litres per hour at full load. This results in significant fuel savings of over $75,000.00 per year when running the generator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Innovative Technology Featuring External Monitoring and Operating.

Utilising the latest Deepsea Electronic controller 8610 allows full external monitoring and stop start features with connection through the 4G network or Wi-Fi. Designed to handle the most complex grid type generator applications, the 8610 controller is packed with multiple features and benefits that are unrivalled across the generator industry.

The 250KVA Prime Power Generator also utilises ABB adjustable motorised circuit breakers. High quality, accuracy and reliability are key features for ABB circuit-breakers that are safe to use in any climate or condition.

Designed for Harsh Environments

The external cabinet of these units has been designed to withstand the harshest environments with cooling packages available up to 60 degrees celsius. Easy accessibility to the radiator allows for easy maintenance and spark arrestors as standard exhaust package.

The remote external busbar allows for easy mains connection with a 3 way fuel valve for option to couple to external fuel cells. This unit has a 1600 litre bunded fuel tank for 24 hour run time convenience standard built in. The Volvo engine has large air filters and has Racor fuel filters on top of the Volvo fuel filters for added protection. All cables are in conduit and control wiring are placed in IP65 control boxes. The H series alternator we produce in our opinion is the best in the world, therefore we provide extended warranties as we know the reliability we achieve.

Generators Australia have dispatched units of the 250KVA Prime Power Generator to locations across the Australian and Dubai regions, available now for sale and rental. We also have other models of the new Remote series ranging from 150KVA to 1000KVA Powered by Volvo.

Contact us today at +61 8 6258 4195 or view our range of equipment here.

Solar Powered Lighting Towers Light Up Perth

New Solar Lighting Towers are revolutionising the lighting tower industry with zero-emission, silent lighting solutions. Now these new environmentally-friendly lighting towers are available in Perth.

Contact Generators Australia for a quote.

Shown below are some of the first lighting towers rolling out to a civil construction job in Perth’s outer suburbs.

Generators Australia Sets Sail for Adventure

Recently one of our Denyo 600 gensets was fitted onto the back of a US Navy Ship to operate a large winch (150KW electric motor). This will be utilised by a university for a significant research project on long term lease.

The research vessel, Thomas G Thompson, is operated by the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington as part of the University National Oceanographic Laboratories Systems (UNOLS) fleet. They will be studying the seafloor with state of the art technology including a Conductivity Temperature Depth systems and an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.

Solar Powered Lighting Towers in Sydney

The solar revolution has hit lighting towers! A new range of solar lighting towers has been commissioned in Sydney and these new towers have completely eliminated all running cost. That’s right: no diesel, no petrol, no oil, no LPG and no emissions.

Talk to us today to get a quote on solar powered lighting towers.

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